If I played sports

What are your favorite sports to watch and play?

I’m going to start with my favorite sport to play.

I love to swim. 🏊

When I was a little girl I would beg my parents to take me to the recreation center with my brother so I could take swimming lessons with him.

They always were so scared to let me go because my parents couldn’t swim and they felt if something happened they wouldn’t be able to save me.

But I pleaded so much that my dad would say, “ok come on, but I can’t swim”. After assuring him of the life guards on duty and that I can swim, he took me to the pool.

Once at the local pool, as I climbed the stairs of the high dive and searched for my dad to show him I could swim, he became so frightened that as I searched for him I turned to look towards the car and it tickled me because my dad was so afraid I’d get hurt that he walked to the car so he wouldn’t break my courage by trying not to watch but he actually watched me from the car.

When he came to pick me up from the pool he couldn’t stop telling me how proud he was that I wasn’t afraid and how proud he was for believing in myself and having the confidence in my abilities.

Moments like these meant that I could make my parents proud so they would know that they could depend on me. Because I wasn’t always going to be too little and I will be able to keep up, and most importantly, “I can think for myself “.

As an adult I have come to realize that “God has always ordered my steps and always have faith in him.”

Having the determination to learn to swim because I love it and believing I would be good at swimming made it possible for me to save my own mother from near drowning during one of her water aerobics classes.

“God is good”…

Sports I loved to watch started with football 🏈. It’s a tradition to watch football games with family. Then I birthed a basketball player, a 3point shooter. Going to her games and cheering her on was my favorite part until she was injured.

Today, I love going to live sporting events. The most exciting event I’ve attended was baseball, when I caught a foul ball and heckled the 1st baseman and made him laugh and he waved at me.

“My foul ball catch made the local news by the way“.

“Your never too small”.


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Author: Nicole Williams

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