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Write about your first computer.

My interest in computers started in high school. In high school my electives were comprised of business training classes. (Momma always said, “you have the longest fingers I have ever seen, you will learn to type, you will always have something to fall back on.” (Daddies hands)

This training peeked my interest in computers. Back then computers were not truly digital as they are today.

Those computers made a lot of bleep and blip sounds not the soothing chimes and custom sounds of today’s computers. They were slow loading with no graphics to speak of. No auto-correct functionality. Just a tiny box with a black screen and a keyboard. When you turned on the screen you would see a tiny greenish underscore character that moved across the screen while it’s operating system loaded. As you typed that underscore would blink while holding your place on the page. There were no apps, ringtones, or voice-to-speech for disabled learners. Music had no online presence.

My first computer purchase was Hewlett-Packard (HP). I feel in love. The days and nights I would spend learning to operate my computer are unforgettable. I discovered a new way to dream.

What I learned is that computers are the future and I wanted my future secured. I am committed. “Let’s get married “!

After feeling like I learned the basics I decided I wanted to make computers my expertise. I signed up for all computer learning courses I could find. Earned certificates and started my administrative support career.

Today more than 40 years later, I’m still in love with my computer. I still use HP”!

“Dreams do come true, keep dreaming”!


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Author: Nicole Williams

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