Rarely Never.

Something on your “to-do list” that never gets done.

The thing on my to do list that never seems to get done is…..

A complete day of resting without checking my phone.

I’m going to do my best to use Sundays for this.

How about you? What’s that thing you can’t seem to get done? Is it because you have so much to do and you’re taking care of others?

If this is you, let’s connect.


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Author: Nicole Williams

I dream of a community of women who believe that they can heal and live a happier life while raising their children. A community where beauty is a basis for growth. By utilizing community engagement as a tool towards building self confidence in our youth as they prepare for the future. I am extremely excited to share with you the people who inspire me and places that I would love to visit, while educating and inspiring our own children along the way. Beauty products and tools that have helped me overcome my shortcomings in my physical appearance. While balancing the household budget, eating fresh fruits and vegetables. I will start by offering you encouragement and we will grow from this. Join me by signing up, telling me a little bit about yourself and content you wish to see more of.

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