Single motherhood has it ups and downs.


I have questions that I need feedback from my readers.

What kind of world are we creating when a child has to watch parents abuse one another?

A lifetime of pain and suffering.

What do you think happens to the children that sees a man/woman abusing a parent? (all abuse isn’t physical)

The child will grow up not knowing whom to trust.

How does it feel to be a single mom who has endured abuse (all abuse isn’t physical), recovered just to be abused again and again no matter how far away from her abusers she travels?

Tired, frustrated and hurt.

How do you think she feels when all she does is get back up just to keep getting knocked down, while her children watch? ( Their always watching)


What should she do when this cycle never ends?


Why? Parenting 101

What you endure as a parent will teach your children not to give up on themselves after you are gone.


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Author: Nicole Williams

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