What does your ideal home look like

What does your ideal home look like?

An ideal home is filled with love and trust. Communication between the residents is important and vital to an ideal home life.

Family ties

Family should be the main focus of any household. Once your living in the same dwelling as someone else you should consider yourself family members and respect should be your priority as well as sharing the responsibilities that it takes to maintain said household.

Relationships within the household

When coming from a two parent household it’s important for blended families to set perimeters for their parenting.

For instance, you can’t call yourself a family when one parent is consistently absent and the other is consistently using tactics to divide and conquer household members and using household resources to provide for the family members that are not apart of the household.

You can’t call yourself family if you’re always ignoring the children and each other.

Children of the household

The children in the household should be allowed to have an identity other than the identity of their parents and siblings.

Throughout my life I have witnessed children not being allowed to pursue their passions and dreams of a future because their parents experiences in youth growing up in a fatherless home has left them bitter.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be raised in a home where one paren’t hates their father and one parent doesn’t have any idea who their father is?

Young adults in the household

If you want to grow up happy and healthy and have a chance at life you have to be a support system for them. Your young adult children should be able to access their parents for comfort and support because if you can’t trust the people who brought you into this world, who can you trust.

Adults in the household

If the marriage or relationship isn’t working it’s not the child’s fault.

Never tell a child your staying in the marriage because of the child.

It’s painful to hear and it places all burden and responsibility to fix pieces that the child did not break and can never fix.

No child should have to carry such a burden because two people hate each other


If any of this resonates with you, please fix your household.

Don’t keep living like you don’t care about the legacy you are leaving behind because your angry at the person you shared a moment with.

Get to know each other first.

Author: Nicole Williams

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