If you didn’t need sleep, what would you do with all the extra time?

If you didn’t need sleep, what would you do with all the extra time?


There is no if

Everyone needs sleep to reset the mind

The mind creates thoughts and abilities to create a better life

It’s essential for growth

Since the beginning of your life

Let’s not play these games

Nor waste each others time

Without proper sleep

Your just hoping someone dies

Life is not a fantasy nor make believe

Only people who manipulate and deceive

Believe people don’t need sleep

Try that with your infants

And parents who provide

You’ll continue to have a society

Where crime continues to thrive

Everyone’s grouchy irritated and confused

What’s going on in the mind

Pick an uplifting topic to pursue

Get yourself some rest and you will see

The power of the mind and all it’s abilities

Who are your current favorite people

Who are your current most favorite people?

Those who share knowledge

Greet others individually with the respect of a handshake conversation looking directly into your eyes

These people exude the most integrity and pride

These people treat the trash man with dignity and understanding that life isn’t always kind

People who are nurturers teachers and forthcoming with lessons in how to strengthen the mind

The ones who don’t mind traveling back through time

To educate their children about how to survive

The kind of parents who teach you how

How to not have fear of the world outside

That parent who drops gems and jewels with every word he speaks and the length of his stride

A father who keeps it real no matter how others tend to rationalize

He instills in you wisdom and pride to overcome what pains you deep down inside

Stand on your own two feet and carry your weight all of your years

Leaning too much on others is not the way to live

There is nothing to fear shame nor hide

That jealousy is a demon you will never have to possess or compromise

If we had fathers fathers spending time youth would know how important these qualities are in life

What’s your favorite animals

What are your favorite animals?

Big dogs!

Big dogs!



Trained to be disciplined

Trained by direct contact and communication

Trained to protect and perceive ill intentions

A child’s first introduction to responsibility trusting and self confidence

While developing management strategies and intuition

Big dogs are a father absent homes co-parent

Intuitive comforting and disciplined



That sign outside

Do not enter

Big dog inside

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Do you trust your instincts

Do you trust your instincts?

Trust your instincts

Sometimes that’s all you may have

To navigate this world

To do the best that you can

That inner voice

Way down deep inside

Those dreams that come from time to time

Ultimately you will only have your instincts to rely

It’s that next man or woman who you cannot prophesy

You will come to realize that during these times

When in doubt take your time

You will overcome all suspicion

Keep this in mind

This one life your given

Is yours to manifest

How important it is to work towards presenting the foremost values you possess

Practice compassion and understanding towards your fellow citizens

With the understanding that we all have struggles that we are unable to discern

When you see someone struggling you can use your instincts to decide

How and when to lend a helping hand

It costs you nothing to be kind

Teach your children how

To be honest and fair

The instinct they need most is to know that you care

What will your life be like in three years

What will your life be like in three years?

Time is time

Space is space

If I have my way

I’d live in a space

Where time is filled with love and patience

With people who will communicate

With people who have a sincere interest in their fellow man woman and child

Creating a lasting connection between time and space

The elders will teach the children how

To prepare for the challenges that come with time

Where girls will be treated with respect and dignity

Boys will be trained to lead with dignity

By teaching these values the world will thrive

Families will be strong and whole

Fathers will hold their heads high with dignified pride

Do lazy days make you feel rested or unproductive?

Do lazy days make you feel rested or unproductive?

Lazy lazy

Lazy days

Are most productive and help guide the way

Your on the outside looking in

Your vision is broader than the rest of them

You gather your thoughts and study the world

To make sure you have the right tools to do Gods work

A million dollars to give away

If you had a million dollars to give away, who would you give it to?

If I had a million dollars to give away

I’d find children with no where to stay

They can be orphaned and living in squalor

Because they may come from homes where there was no father

I would go through the Department of Children Services and go through the cases

To save as many children I can from incarceration

I’d buy a large home where we can dwell

While the ones with parents are getting help

I would never call it a group home

Because that would make the home seem cold

I’d give all who pass through the doors

A loving place to call home

I’d find out what they want to be

While making their dreams a reality

Because I witnessed my grandmother do these things with nothing

I’d carry her legacy to destroy all shame