Favorite family traditions

Write about a few of your favorite family traditions.

Family tradition in my family include…

  • Starting our day with Good Morning, I love you.
  • Going on road trips together.
  • Keeping mom youthful and active is a tradition my son and dog (who thinks he is a real boy by the way) started and maintain together.
  • Overall tradition is to share love, laughter and joy throughout our home to carry into the world 🌎.

Join in by leaving some of your family traditions in the comments. Let’s share and encourage others who may not have a family tradition.

Leisure time when?

What do you enjoy doing most in your leisure time?

I enjoy watching great movies during my leisure time.

I love having movie night with my son.

It’s difficult to have movie night with my son, which causes me sadness. My son is upset with me regarding movie night. I fall asleep when we have movie night.

I can’t help it. There is an absolute comfort knowing that my child is close, safe beside me, freedom of expression, exuding confidence sharing what interest he has with me.

This brings a peaceful and comforting calm that I wish he could know he brings me. It’s actually the best rest and reassurance that I’m doing well having to have raised my children alone.

Atlanta Black History and Civil Rights Tour

Name an attraction or town close to home that you still haven’t got around to visiting.

As Black History month approaches following the Holiday of Dr. King’s birthday. I cannot live a city away from the home and pulpit of Dr. King, Atlanta, GA. without wanting to visit.

With the high cost of living I decided to check the internet for affordable day trips a city away.

I came upon a website with affordable rates for myself and my children. Taking my children on road trips has always been a tradition in my family.

“I felt joy passing down my first map passed to me by my father to my daughter when she went out on her own.”

Atlanta’s Black History and Civil Rights Tour by Roundabout Atlanta Tours and Transportation

Has a 5.0/5 rating for their $69.00 per adult touring the Mecca of the Civil Rights Movement, historic sites and neighborhoods.

This tour is Adult and children friendly with a stop at Tyler Perry’s Studios for selfies and group photos while seeing the original Medea’s House.

Arrive before 5pm Friday.

This will be a enjoyable and memorable bonding and confidence building experience for all parents and children to enjoy while creating family traditions.

Go to:

Expedia.com for this destination, packages and tours.

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What do you consider fun activities for mother’s and children.

List five things you do for fun.

My top 5 activities as a single parent are

  • Helping my children grasp the importance of self sufficiency.
  • Encouraging them to build upon relationships with others.
  • Helping them learn new things.
  • Encouraging them to explore their ideas.
  • Watching them grow into responsible adults.

Because being a parent is the most important job in the world. Everyone started as a child and the happiest adults have learned life lessons and responsibility from skills learned from their parents.

For me any activities I can share with my children are fun times.


My memoirs

As she sat on her living room sofa after a day of practicing makeup application, speaking with her neighbors, and cooking dinner, she thought to herself …

I’m special and my life is to be celebrated!!!

Yes, celebrated…the same little girl that everyone loved but where too seasoned to have time or energy for. The same little girl, that followed the rules and played the game fair.

The little girl whose birthday no one wished to remember.

The little girl who was never allowed to go because everyone said she couldn’t keep up.

The same little girl whose becoming a woman today.

“They taught her everyday through good times or bad, they made everyday her birthday.”

She loves and misses her folks. She’s here because they were there.


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