Top 5 favorite fruits-

List your top 5 favorite fruits.

Favorite fruits-

My top 5 favored fruits are watermelon 🍉 blackberries, bananas 🍌 not the ripe bananas the firm bananas with green skin on them oranges and Blueberries

Red delicious apples-

When I was younger I ate a few apples everyday. I loved apples 🍎 so much I used to carry them in my purse everywhere.

Most importantly eating healthy keeps me mentally healthy and happy by supporting my stamina and energy levels while I work and play.


One small improvement made-

Global Positioning through education-

What’s one small improvement you can make in your life?

Global Positioning through education is one small improvement that I can make in my life. By focusing on each individual aspect of education I can help improve the quality of life for myself as well as others in my community.

The daily activities that I have incorporated into my life will ultimately become my lifestyle. The knowing that small things will become more and more apart of my subconscious mind will allow me to position myself internally , making it easier to add larger activities to my daily living.


These daily activities must include smaller unnoticed achievements such as fitness training for positive mental health awareness to help decrease stress and anxiety which leads to depression while maintaining wellness which leads to greater optimism and coping skills to increase positivity and become a significant contributor to the overall wellbeing of all participants including the children who are always watching and ultimately become leaders in the future.

Utilizing my determination and decisiveness will propel me into my truest destiny.


Quote I think of often-

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

We’re all navigating through pressure-

The quote I have lived by and use in my daily life is-

Learn every position

Before you make a move.


How my curiosity kept me up all night-

Photo credit -Pexels

As I sat on the edge of the bed, I became curious about my family history. I decided to search one of those sites where you can build a family tree.

As I performed my search, I was taken aback by the fact that I was unable to make my own account. It seems that you have to be invited in order to build a family tree. Not only does it seem you have to be invited it also seems that whom ever invites you has control over what you can and cannot see.

There’s a flaw in the system


The site that I used for attempting to build my family tree seems to be using incomplete census data. It’s as if the census takers didn’t realize how important the task of keeping record of peoples histories are.

From what I can gather from my research and my attempt at building my families tree.

In order to be successful at building your families tree you will need to be able to gather with family members. Which is something my father would do for me when I was younger.

I am blessed to have always maintained a connection to my elders through my parent’s teachings.

Update the system

It was disheartening to place family members in the tree, and their children and siblings did not come up automatically.

There is also a concern of mine regarding how much control the person who sends the invite has regarding what you can view on your own family tree.

I hear you I hear ,you just take the DNA test.

But the problem with taking the DNA test is if your family members haven’t taken the DNA test you still will not be able to locate them in order to build your family tree.

Have you built your family tree? These are my thoughts on my experience.

Did you take the DNA test? Did it help you locate family members locally or is it only used for International searches through historical source reference?