What was the hardest personal goal you’ve set for yourself

What was the hardest personal goal you’ve set for yourself?


I always seen it coming

What was I to do

The way everything is going down

You couldn’t see you left me too

It wasn’t just that once it was over and over again

When two people are hurting they must remember the effects of their pain on their children

It hurt for so long

I didn’t know what to do

The only thing I could remember was the love I have for you

I’m figuring it out

Taking it one day at a time

I’m going to live my life because you always provide

I’m sorry I didn’t know how to express myself when I was hurting inside

There are lessons to learn throughout life before you start to thrive

I see the path to a new life and I will always remember to smile

What is your favorite hobby or pastime

What is your favorite hobby or pastime?

I must say

My favorite hobby or pastime

Day after day

Is the same as it was is and always will be

In constant proximity to the people who can lead me

With intellectual conversations that increase my understanding and knowledge

This is my favorite pastime or hobby

It’s important to note that if you want to grow

In knowledge and understanding of the world and how it flows

Always remember when your with the youth

Advance their minds it’s not about you

Don’t overstep your boundaries by giving that

You don’t give a damn advice

Children don’t know that you walk around in your own pain while giving them advice

Advise them to elevate and educate their minds

Because when you don’t

I’m sure this is a reason for their demise

I’m a woman and I have to admit there are women out here who haven’t had father figures in their own lives

Our children are running to these women for advice

It’s sad and a shame

That men abandon their children this way

I pray I pray

For all children each and everyday

What would you do if you lost all your possessions

What would you do if you lost all your possessions?

Fight for your life

Fight the demons of your mind

You will hurt the wrong people and give the wrong people all your time

When the pain starts to go away

You’ll know that the ancestors are free

It’s now your chance to thrive in this new era of living

They send signs and whisper messages all throughout the night

They have released you from their pain and turmoil dealing with their own personal doubts

While reassuring you that It’s ok

It’s time for your pain to take flight

You know the truth

You must move on

Just solid advice

Everyone has their own concerns

Respect your elders

They suffered worse than you

They have come to accept that they gotta let you be you

Times change the world goes round

So strengthen your mind

Don’t beat yourself down

Stay off those curbs

Keep it low key

It’s about to be your time

You heard this from me

God’s grace will surely give you wings

It’s ok to loose all your things

You are who you are

You never wanted the fame

Fame keeps you locked outside with feelings of loneliness and shame

Constantly burning under the spotlight

Show someone the way instill more hope

The world is in shambles and we all need to be able to cope

I say this to say

I received that solid advice and I took it to heart

I didn’t lose a thing

What’s mine is mine

The way I feel now

I know I got what it takes to make my mark

I’m going to build a new life with the help of a new world filled with like minded friends

I’m adapting I feel renewed

The past is the past

My mind is my possession

If I lose it it’s still mine

I assure you I’d get it back

Share this with someone you love so they can stay on track

What topic or issue about which you’ve changed your mind

What’s a topic or issue about which you’ve changed your mind?

Failure failure

It’s not on me

I’ve done my best I gave you my all

You play twisted games like

You don’t care at all

I wish you the best

I’m tired of taking the fall

I’m ready to start my new life

Without the trauma of it all

I’m finding my wings

I must fly away

I’ve been set free

I don’t have time for your silly psychward games

So steal all the love

Don’t call me with your pain

You got what you want

I will do the same

A time you felt out of place

Tell us about a time when you felt out of place.

Time is time

Space is space

There will always be times

When you feel out of place

Don’t do this

Don’t do that

Keep your mouth closed

No talking back

If I may I think I might

Propose this concept to keep your people tight

Don’t be so selfish jealous and cruel

Stop trying to pretend you’re not being rude

Love yourself enough to know

Family is plural

Love and pain is to be shared by all

Support one another and don’t be ashamed no need at all

Every family has turmoil

It’s all a part of the game

Hold each other tight so when a love one passes on

You can carry the torch and keep your ancestry strong

I pray that you get through this plight

The ancestors received a new blessing of a former life

She’s in great company with loving arms to keep her warm

So do not fret she is safe from all harm


What Details of your lifecould you pay more attention to?

What details of your life could you pay more attention to?

Money Money Money


Not to be arrogant

It’s time to be bold

Winter is coming

It’s time to come out of the cold

The bills are due there’s no time to waste

Throw all your hurt aside

New beginnings are coming your way

Set aside your pride

It’s your time to enjoy this ride

Make plans for another glorious day


Trait I value most about myself

What’s the trait you value most about yourself?

The trait I value most about myself is my ability to learn and my welcoming smile.

Smile it contagious

Lord oh Lord

I pray I pray

You send healing energy around the world today

That on this glorious sunny day

You send a smile and heal hearts throughout the world today

Wipe away the children’s tears

Takeaway their pain

Show each one how much they are loved today

With determination and a willingness to learn

Life can change for the better

With each passing day

Keep their bellies full

A roof over their heads

Give them a brighter future and let them be well