What brands do you associate with

What brands do you associate with?

An associate can be described as a partner, companion and alley while a brand is described as an identifiable mark.

Grand Rising readers, today is your day to associate yourselves with compassion for children, support for family and friends.

What could you do more of?

What could you do more of?


Where is sincerity

Where can you be

People are out here taking advantage of people who look like me

It broke my heart yesterday to see

A beautiful woman living on the streets

Why does society throw little girls boys woman and men away

Something has got to change

Grown men out here not giving their own children the time of day

He may think its cool

I don’t agree

So I’ll tell you what I did when it happened to me

I put on my big girl swag

Daddy taught me the way

To provide for mine everyday

I spent my time making a better way

No one came to any basketball games

To cheer my baby on

I didn’t sweat it cause my lungs are strong

I have a big voice and a million dollar smile

It didn’t take much time to move the crowd

Championships were won 🏆 trophies were earned

Children need a father’s love for all concerned

I gave him my all he stabbed me in my back

Hell to the naw, why would I want that back

I’m not being bitter nor am I being mean

I’m so sincere there’s no in between

Imma talk my talk enjoy this read

I have so much


If you had played fair and been sincere

You would have been there

It’s alright it’ll be ok

With the rising of the sun ☀️ comes a brighter day

The Best piece of advice you’ve ever received

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Let them think what they want

Their gonna believe what they believe

This is why it’s called gossip amongst thieves

Hold your chin up high don’t you fret

The love you provide will be heaven sent

Keep your head on straight

Don’t get uptight

Today’s a new day another chance to get it right

His everlasting touch

What we need

What we need is his everlasting touch

Reach down from the heavens

We need you so much

The children are homeless hungry and mislead

The world is at war and the economy is failing

So before I lay down and call it a night

Starrdust is gonna pray to the ancestors to hear our pleas this night

Send us strength and integrity

I pray I pray on this night

The good Lord heals the world tonight


What things give you energy?


Mentally scarred you can heal

Mentally capable you can be

Mental strength you will achieve

Mentally cable of breaking through walls that prohibit you from being all that you can be

When your mentally stable you can do anything

Overcome your obstacles and fight for yourself

Because when you do your faith is renewed

Then and only then can you see all that you are meant to be

Go punch that bag

Go ride that bike

It’s time to reignite your own passion for life

Keep your chin up and don’t be afraid

You are formed of all the elements your ancestors were striving to create

They provided for you and gave their lives

Get out there and do what’s right

Love your neighbor help a friend

It’s all that matters in the end

Topics I would like to be more informed about

Which topics would you like to be more informed about?

Judging a book by its cover inhibits you not the book.

This is a topic that I had to delve into for personal reasons. It is a sensitive subject.

I would like to discuss female sexuality in today’s society.

  • Why do so many young single mothers have children and protest that they love women as intimate partners? Are they fatherless? Do they hate their absent fathers?
  • Why do these same women protest against dating women who date men and then do the same thing?
  • Why would a woman choose to become a man? Being a woman has so many advantages. What are the advantages to becoming a man?
  • Why is it that no matter how much support you give to members of this community they continue to accuse you of being biased towards them? Is it because they are unsure of their own choice?
  • Why are so many older women with children turning to women for intimacy? Did they become tired of raising children in fatherless households or are there just not enough opportunities to find love with a man?
  • Why is it necessary to be identified through your sexuality preferences? Could it be to guarantee disclosure of sexual orientation?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. You have my complete support and respect as your privacy is important to me. If you’d like to start an open dialogue please feel free to respond in the comments otherwise send a private message through this blog in the home tab.

Stay Safe young and old, always use protection.

Life without music

What would your life be like without music?


Music music

They took you away

I will never forget playing my clarinet and flute in music class in school back in those days

When I finally decided my instrument choice

The program was scratched and I had to find a new spark

I made my decision I was quite sure

That the violin was my instrument of choice

The world is changing , I must adjust

I miss those lessons and I learned to adjust

Music is joy

Music soothes the heart

I always and forever have a song in my heart

A Women’s Rage


Raging raging raging mad

The feeling is superb when your sad

Go in your room and lock your door

Express your anger and remember who the struggle is for

Raging woman Raging man

It’s ok to not be sad

Take a break go scream and shout

Remind yourself what life’s about

Your family loves you and needs you too

Don’t hold your anger against the world

Next, settle your mind and focus your thoughts

Find a hobby or go take a walk

Raging women raging man

Your goal is to follow God’s plan

Your just going through the motions, you can scream and shout, just do it in private and it will all work itself out


How do you celebrate holidays?

What’s a holiday and why celebrate them?

The hardest times of the year for families to celebrate are holidays when the entire family dynamic is broken.

Holidays are the culmination of family unity as a result in celebration of significant events in American history.

Growing up

Growing up my most significant holiday was Xmas. I was born so close to Xmas that Xmas was the only time my birthday would be celebrated with gifts. Birthday gifts are significant for a child, gifts make children feel special and wanted. During the entire month of December I could look forward to my dad taking off work the entire month just to spend time with the family.

We always had parties and holiday festivities at our home. It was great to have the family together.


My best gifts from my dad were his secret admirer letters.

Every Valentine’s Day my dad would write secret admirer letters to all my cousins and we would go to my grandparents house and drop them in the mailbox, wait for all the kids to come and send them to the mailbox to get the mail.

This was so exciting because I had gotten mine at home and it always made me feel special and loved.

Growing up you think memories last forever, but they don’t.

Growing up you think these gestures reassure and solidify love connections, but they don’t.

There are lessons in life that sometimes make giving and receiving love a tragedy.

The last holiday

Currently, the only holiday that has any significance is Easter.

On this holiday my father passed away.