Stop Hate-

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

People don’t ask me questions, they talk about me behind my back.

I hate to not be asked any questions that pertain to me because you can’t get facts, perspectives, reasons, nor understanding from asking others.

If a person asked me a question it would allow me inclusion. I’ve never been included in anything that didn’t benefit the other person more than my need to be included and educated.

Inclusion is a key element to growth in whatever industry you want to pursue.

I know what your thinking, … speak up for myself!

I’m SPEAKING NOW!!! Welcome to my blog.

The purpose of my blog is to start conversations without judgment or speculation.

Subliminal messages and gaslighting are rampant throughout social media and we need to protect ourselves and our children.

I hate when people ask other people questions about me when they could have asked me. This form of communication is called gossip.


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