When I were 5-

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When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was five, I dreamed of being a singing Nun when I grew up.

My educational journey started in Catholic school.

Catholic school was the best environment for me. It gave me structure and discipline.

Fun fact-

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I lived in an apartment building that sat across the parking lot from the house some of the nuns lived. Which meant I was able to pick blackberries off of the blackberries bushes located on their property.

With the nun’s permission of course. There was no way I did anything back then that I was not allowed too.

It made me feel like I was having communion with God outside of school.

I didn’t come from a religious home. I came from a working family. Mom worked nights dad worked evening shift. So I tried my best to stay covered not realizing how important covering would be in my future existence.

Amen 🙏🏽

My obedience back then was out of this world. If anyone tried to get me to be to adventurous I’d say God said.

I scared my mom to death, the love I had for the nuns and the church.

I also have been Baptized 4 times. I’m a honoree of Christ my Lord and Savior.

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Without his Grace and Mercy I would not be here today doing something that allows me to feel the purist of ❤️.

I am grateful that I worked on me in spite of what I’ve needed to experience while fighting for my family legacy to arrive here.

You only get one mother, mine is mine 💎