Three books that have impacted my life-

List three books that have had an impact on you. Why?

Have you ever had a dream of how to know if a man loves you? How you will know he’s the one? How will you know if he truly loves you?

This book is how I met such a man.

This book was given the me by a man that I didn’t think even noticed me. People would say he was mean, I didn’t see that on him. People say a lot of things about others because they want to be in a persons world and they never shoot their shot.

Well I would pick on him because he never smiled. One day to my surprise he gifted me this book and we became great friends because we took the time to notice one another inspired by each others belief in caring about how others truly feel.

Book 2

That same gentleman also passed this book to me when my son was born. It brings my son and I closer together each time we read it, while reminding me of the great people that have passed through my life.

It’s extremely difficult raising a black male child, but to have to do it all alone within a system that wants to overlook the fact that this little boy is created to be a man in his future while being a single mother is a story that has been too long in its history. Something has got to change. So I will continue to speak for our children who cannot speak for themselves. Our youth are facing rejection after rejection and when you find out it’s usually too late.

I highly recommend this book to every person who works or spends time with children.


The title of this book speaks for itself in totality. I came across this book during one of the most trying times in my life. My family was gone and my children were suffering from trying to be everything I needed.

This book kept me from going insane after loses.

It speaks to loving your children throughout spiritual warfare while trusting that you did all that you could do.

I’m finally excepting how to let go while still being available and not feeling guilty about any mistakes that we make.