TV shows I watched as a kid

What TV shows did you watch as a kid?

As a kid growing up we didn’t have digital television or Wi-Fi, we didn’t have internet. The only time we watched television as kids were on Saturday mornings.

Saturday mornings we couldn’t wait for Soul Train. Soul Train is a dance show that played all the hit songs of the time with the artist performing live over there tracks and all our favorite dancers moved on to do great things after leaving the show.


I also had three favorite cartoons that I would watch before Soul Train came on.

My 3 favorite tv shows outside of Soul Train were , Mighty Mouse, GoGo Speed Racer, and Simba the lion. These cartoons based on the underdog being the hero.

Lessons learned

Growing up as a only child while being the youngest I learned my own strengths from watching these cartoons.

These cartoons were my first introduction into what determination and dedication to helping others could mean for my life and wellbeing.

Cartoons in my youth taught right from wrong and expressed what it means to be a humanitarian.


When I became a mom, I was able to introduce my kids to the cartoons I loved due to the advancements in technology through the use of digital services.