What personality trait in people raises a red flag with you

What personality trait in people raises a red flag with you?


Mothers and fathers who lack empathy

Empathy empathy

Your children being born

Is your responsibility

Empathy empathy

Daughters and Sons

are to be held, loved, and taught

to avoid the sins of your past

Empathy empathy

Don’t take the pain out on your children

Your mad at him she’s mad at you

Empathy empathy

Don’t turn bitter towards your younger children for what your older children do

Empathy empathy

Teach the new generation how to not make your mistakes

The next generation’s success depends on what you do

Be fair and correct in the messages you send

Because when you leave your children in a world of hurt

It feels as if you never cared, so

Leave your conflict, settle your discontent

Empathy empathy

Your parents now, your lack of empathy about your past will assuredly cause great harm after your gone

You will leave your children lacking confidence and security in their future with the harm that you caused

Empathy empathy

The children cannot manage their emotions from the pain you’ve caused

Of course of course, the same was done to you

Let’s rewrite the rules and follow God’s word

Your children are the future, why wouldn’t you want to leave them feeling confident and secure

Empathy empathy

A trait my parents taught me well

Even in a world so cruel these lessons have served me well

Empathy empathy

You are parents now

Treat your children well