What are your favorite types of foods

What are your favorite types of foods?

I grew up near open waters quite naturally Crustaceans are my favorite food. I feel that where I’m originally from has great cultural food choices. I have been able to experience new foods from a variety of different cultures.

Yet, I always return to and desire to feast on crustaceans.

I’m particularly in love with the sweet succulent lobster, blue crabs and snow crab legs.


Crustaceans are succulent meats, some so sweet as lobster that you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s a combination of the warm butter and the sweetness of the tender meat.

Beware of the body, you’ll only find this comforting sweet succulent meat in claws worthy of eating.


Blue Crabs are best for cookouts, family get togetherness and winning contests to see who can open and eat the most crabs to win a trophy.

Growing up by the water, these trophies also hold a badge of significance.

If you’ve ever eaten a blue crab you will always revert back to how you were taught to eat them as a child. Curiosity killed the cat is entertained in this teaching lessons.

Blue Crabs are so good that when you ask someone to teach you how to get in the sea creature during their own eating session, they will only show you one time while never missing a bite.

Sink or swim, sink or swim

You gotta be quick and thorough to get your share of fullness which is apart of the experience

A right of passage in cultures, so to speak

It’s about being able to keep up, leveling up

It’s because we love blue crabs in the region of the country I’m from and we tend to eat them until there is a shortage. To acquire larger crabs is sometimes difficult, but if you can you’ve struck gold.