How do you celebrate holidays?

What’s a holiday and why celebrate them?

The hardest times of the year for families to celebrate are holidays when the entire family dynamic is broken.

Holidays are the culmination of family unity as a result in celebration of significant events in American history.

Growing up

Growing up my most significant holiday was Xmas. I was born so close to Xmas that Xmas was the only time my birthday would be celebrated with gifts. Birthday gifts are significant for a child, gifts make children feel special and wanted. During the entire month of December I could look forward to my dad taking off work the entire month just to spend time with the family.

We always had parties and holiday festivities at our home. It was great to have the family together.


My best gifts from my dad were his secret admirer letters.

Every Valentine’s Day my dad would write secret admirer letters to all my cousins and we would go to my grandparents house and drop them in the mailbox, wait for all the kids to come and send them to the mailbox to get the mail.

This was so exciting because I had gotten mine at home and it always made me feel special and loved.

Growing up you think memories last forever, but they don’t.

Growing up you think these gestures reassure and solidify love connections, but they don’t.

There are lessons in life that sometimes make giving and receiving love a tragedy.

The last holiday

Currently, the only holiday that has any significance is Easter.

On this holiday my father passed away.