What could you do more of?

What could you do more of?


Where is sincerity

Where can you be

People are out here taking advantage of people who look like me

It broke my heart yesterday to see

A beautiful woman living on the streets

Why does society throw little girls boys woman and men away

Something has got to change

Grown men out here not giving their own children the time of day

He may think its cool

I don’t agree

So I’ll tell you what I did when it happened to me

I put on my big girl swag

Daddy taught me the way

To provide for mine everyday

I spent my time making a better way

No one came to any basketball games

To cheer my baby on

I didn’t sweat it cause my lungs are strong

I have a big voice and a million dollar smile

It didn’t take much time to move the crowd

Championships were won 🏆 trophies were earned

Children need a father’s love for all concerned

I gave him my all he stabbed me in my back

Hell to the naw, why would I want that back

I’m not being bitter nor am I being mean

I’m so sincere there’s no in between

Imma talk my talk enjoy this read

I have so much


If you had played fair and been sincere

You would have been there

It’s alright it’ll be ok

With the rising of the sun ☀️ comes a brighter day