A time you felt out of place

Tell us about a time when you felt out of place.

Time is time

Space is space

There will always be times

When you feel out of place

Don’t do this

Don’t do that

Keep your mouth closed

No talking back

If I may I think I might

Propose this concept to keep your people tight

Don’t be so selfish jealous and cruel

Stop trying to pretend you’re not being rude

Love yourself enough to know

Family is plural

Love and pain is to be shared by all

Support one another and don’t be ashamed no need at all

Every family has turmoil

It’s all a part of the game

Hold each other tight so when a love one passes on

You can carry the torch and keep your ancestry strong

I pray that you get through this plight

The ancestors received a new blessing of a former life

She’s in great company with loving arms to keep her warm

So do not fret she is safe from all harm