What would you do if you lost all your possessions

What would you do if you lost all your possessions?

Fight for your life

Fight the demons of your mind

You will hurt the wrong people and give the wrong people all your time

When the pain starts to go away

You’ll know that the ancestors are free

It’s now your chance to thrive in this new era of living

They send signs and whisper messages all throughout the night

They have released you from their pain and turmoil dealing with their own personal doubts

While reassuring you that It’s ok

It’s time for your pain to take flight

You know the truth

You must move on

Just solid advice

Everyone has their own concerns

Respect your elders

They suffered worse than you

They have come to accept that they gotta let you be you

Times change the world goes round

So strengthen your mind

Don’t beat yourself down

Stay off those curbs

Keep it low key

It’s about to be your time

You heard this from me

God’s grace will surely give you wings

It’s ok to loose all your things

You are who you are

You never wanted the fame

Fame keeps you locked outside with feelings of loneliness and shame

Constantly burning under the spotlight

Show someone the way instill more hope

The world is in shambles and we all need to be able to cope

I say this to say

I received that solid advice and I took it to heart

I didn’t lose a thing

What’s mine is mine

The way I feel now

I know I got what it takes to make my mark

I’m going to build a new life with the help of a new world filled with like minded friends

I’m adapting I feel renewed

The past is the past

My mind is my possession

If I lose it it’s still mine

I assure you I’d get it back

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