What is your favorite hobby or pastime

What is your favorite hobby or pastime?

I must say

My favorite hobby or pastime

Day after day

Is the same as it was is and always will be

In constant proximity to the people who can lead me

With intellectual conversations that increase my understanding and knowledge

This is my favorite pastime or hobby

It’s important to note that if you want to grow

In knowledge and understanding of the world and how it flows

Always remember when your with the youth

Advance their minds it’s not about you

Don’t overstep your boundaries by giving that

You don’t give a damn advice

Children don’t know that you walk around in your own pain while giving them advice

Advise them to elevate and educate their minds

Because when you don’t

I’m sure this is a reason for their demise

I’m a woman and I have to admit there are women out here who haven’t had father figures in their own lives

Our children are running to these women for advice

It’s sad and a shame

That men abandon their children this way

I pray I pray

For all children each and everyday