One small improvement made-

Global Positioning through education-

What’s one small improvement you can make in your life?

Global Positioning through education is one small improvement that I can make in my life. By focusing on each individual aspect of education I can help improve the quality of life for myself as well as others in my community.

The daily activities that I have incorporated into my life will ultimately become my lifestyle. The knowing that small things will become more and more apart of my subconscious mind will allow me to position myself internally , making it easier to add larger activities to my daily living.


These daily activities must include smaller unnoticed achievements such as fitness training for positive mental health awareness to help decrease stress and anxiety which leads to depression while maintaining wellness which leads to greater optimism and coping skills to increase positivity and become a significant contributor to the overall wellbeing of all participants including the children who are always watching and ultimately become leaders in the future.

Utilizing my determination and decisiveness will propel me into my truest destiny.